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Why you should consider giving your Logo a makeover
Logo Design

Why You Should Consider Giving Your Logo A Makeover

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It cannot be stressed enough on how important and deeply rooted a company’s logo is to its visual identity. However, one thing that often gets neglected over the years is the need to refresh or re-brand your company logo. Now you may be thinking that why is that necessary and its just an added expense to you list of long expenses… but know that it is.

Despite what people may think, change is good and it should reflect on your company’s logo as well. Over time, things get stale and so does the designs – their meanings and symbolism also change. Hence, let us give you some of the most important reasons why we think a logo makeover is a must.

Not getting any younger

Age – it only increases with time and we get older (not necessarily wiser) and the same age concept applies to a company’s logo. Think of Coca-Cola who modify their logo almost every year or Google who make modifications every five year or so. They know that like everything, a logo too needs to stay updated with times and stay current with the latest time yet at the same time maintaining the identity of the company.

Stay updated with the latest trends

Designs and its trends change with time, what may be “in” at the moment in the design world may not be so five or ten years from now. A company which stays updated with the latest change reflects positively on its image and what is the company’s visual image? Yeah, it’s logo.

Let’s not get complicated

Because complex designs tend to get old- fast! Sure they look good on paper, but usually prove to be lacking in the versatility department. With social media taking over, a lot of companies are ensuring that their logo catches the eye of the Social media savvy.

Things are not the same anymore

With your company that is – say that you recently had a merger or made some internal changes which change or modify what your company stands for. Then that time is one in which a logo makeover is a good idea.

So there you have it, all the reasons why we think a logo makeover might be just the thing you need in the year ahead.

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