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Tips To Design And Print The Perfect Business Card
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Tips To Design And Print The Perfect Business Card

Business card tips

You have heard the saying that “first impression is the last impression” and when it comes to networking with potential clients, your business card is usually your first impression. Therefore, you want to design a card that will blow them away. Read on to know how you can ensure that your card is not only able to represent your business to them but is also able to impress with our design tips and tricks.

  • Print or Digital
    That is the first thing that you need to decide for yourself – whether you want to take the digital approach with these business cards or you want to print them out. The thing is that while digital business cards are more convenient, they can be sort of impersonal whilst printed business cards reflect a more professional attitude.
  • Concept
    When you have decided on the type of card you want, you need to finalize the concept of your business card design. A thing to remember is that you want to keep in mind your customer who you want to impress with the card and be able to portray effectively your business, making sure that it blends well with your other marketing materials.
  • Be Specific
    Before you can go ahead with the design, there are few things that you need to specify:
  • Decide on the size of your card – the most common size being 3.5 x 2 inches but of course, you can go for a larger or smaller card.
  • Figure out the orientation of your card – landscape format or portrait format?
  • A business card doesn’t have to be printed on cardstock only – you can choose other materials such as plastic, wood or even metal.
  • Design talk

Now that you have got the nitty-gritty’s out of the way, it’s time to get down to the fun part – the design of the business card! Keep the following elements in check:

  • Colors – use those that work well together, complement each other and represent your brand.
  • Font – the right font makes a huge difference in your card therefore, be careful when selecting a font – remember that serif fonts give a classic look while sans serif fonts are modern.
  • Information

Since most business cards tend to be placed in the card holder face up, designers tend to place contact information on the front of the card. Therefore, carefully select what information you want to put on your card and ensure that the overall design is balanced.

A thing to remember is that business cards are basically the first impression a client will have of you – therefore, you want it to be professional and convey the right information without it looking overcrowded.

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