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Some Deadly Graphic Design Sins That Can Make Your Business Look Unprofessional
Logo Design

Some Deadly Graphic Design Sins That Can Make Your Business Look Unprofessional

Some Deadly Graphic Design Sins That Can Make Your Business Look Unprofessional

One of the key factors of establishing a business or a company is defining the logo. And though many people believe logo designing to be a simple task, any professional graphic designer who you consult with, will tell you that designing a logo that is both functional and unique is not as easy as many of us think. And when it comes to creating a custom logo design, things become even more challenging. That being said, we have discussed below 7 “deadly sins” or mistakes that graphic and web designers should be careful about when creating logos and websites:

Chaotic typography

As any professional in the graphic designing industry can tell you, typography makes or breaks a logo. It must be kept simple without committing any compromise on the intended message, therefore, make sure that you: do not apply too many weights or fonts, do not use odd or ultra-thin fonts, and do not space the letters too far apart or too close together.

Poor font

For various graphics experts, picking up a font for a logo takes as long as creating a logo itself – as defined above, it makes or breaks your design. Every font has its own ‘personality’, so you need to make sure that you choose the right one which can gel in with the intended message of your business. Select a font which is simple and clear.

Too complex or too abstract

It is a common fact in the industry of graphic design that a simple design is always more memorable (as people can recognise it quickly). The smartest way to ensure that your logo isn’t too abstract or complex is by confirming the different platforms where it will be placed.

Using web graphics on printed material

With various immature designers coming from a pre-dominantly web design background, the transfer over from web designing to traditional designing for print can bring with it a mass of design sins. Images provided at 72dpi and munched down to load fast on a website are going to redevelop very badly in print. Although you can get away with small thumbnails, however, enhancing things up to any substantial size is going to be trying your luck. There are various online websites which offer free or low-quality resolution images that are the best source for suitable imagery.

Unclear Navigation

One of the common design mistakes that people make while designing a web-page is that they don’t consider that each page has to stand alone and must be connected to the rest of the website. A visitor may land on your home page which might have smooth navigation through a sales process but search engines will send them into your website from another page as well. Each page of the site needs to have clear navigation so that visitors can find out how to surf the site deeper, how to reach ‘about us’ or ‘contact’ page, or how to reach to the ‘buy now’ page.

 Not Capturing Visitor’s Info

Visitors who land on your website may not be ready to purchase today. Your site should be able to capture their information so you can contact them in the future. You won’t be able to do it without their permission so your elements of design should include an offer to sign-up. If you succeed to get someone to opt-in, you will have more chances of turning more prospects into customers – even if it won’t happen immediately.

Leaving it Static

Another big mistake that website owners do is that they hire a graphic designer to create their website design and develop the site. And after that, they leave the site as is. It can work, but if you want to get a steady stream of traffic from search engines, there’ll be a huge chance of that happening with the help of content creation and publication on a regular basis. You should discuss with your web designer to create a blog, newsletter and other elements which continually add to your website. It will help significantly in getting sufficient traffic and building a relationship with people who subscribe to your site.

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