Size Matters: Mini Business Cards Vs Standard Business Cards

Mini Business Cards

Business cards are a handy tool when it comes to networking with potential clients; however, most business cards tend to be typical in terms of size

and can be pretty boring with just the basic information which results in most of them being disposed in the bin. That’s where mini business cards come in handy. A trend that was started some time back has gone on to emerge as the favorite amongst designers. And we have to agree that these cards have definitely managed to win our hearts with their size and attractive designs.

Creative Business Card two

So if you are tired of the typical, standard card and feel like experimenting, check out some of our tips that will help you design a mini card that will instantly attract attention to your business and at the same time.

Creative Business Card three

  • Since the size of the cards is already pretty small, you want to make sure that you enhance the information through the use of colors. This doesn’t mean that you incorporate every color of the rainbow in the design but a splash of color will make all the difference in making the content stand out.Creative Business Card Six
  • Obviously, with the space being small, you really need to plan out carefully how you will design the card to ensure that you are able to squeeze in the action call and necessary information.
    Creative Business Card One
  • Keep the overall design simple. Space being an issue here, do make sure that your design is not overly complex that it ends up overpowering the necessary information.
    Creative Business Card Four
  • Play around with the spacing of the different elements in the card so that your contact information stands out and does not end up looking too cluttered.

Having said that, check out some of our favorite mini business cards below.


Creative Business Card Five


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