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Resume: The Best And Worst Fonts To Use
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Resume: The Best And Worst Fonts To Use

Best and Worst Font For Resume

So you have this interview lined up and you just need to make sure that you make a good impression on your interviewer. After all, “first impressions are always the last impression”.

But wait! Did you know that an impression about you has already been created? How, you might ask? Remember something called a resume that you had sent in hopes to snag an interview? Well, hate to break it to you but your resume has already created an image of you in the mind of the interviewer – rather, the font you have used might have done it.

“It’s just a font, what does it matter which one I use?” is a question that you are probably asking right about now. However, a typical resume consists mostly of plain text; therefore it is important to make sure that it comes across as organized and professional. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best fonts that will make a positive impression on your resume and the fonts which you need to avoid like the plague!

Fonts That Are A No-No


FUTUTRA font for resume

A clean and attractive font, what makes it a no-no is that it is somewhat quirky and is stylized – more suitable for other designs compared to resumes who rely on text.


TIMES NEW ROMAN font for resume

Everyone knows and uses this font – which is exactly why you should not use it! An overused font won’t make you stand out amongst the rest, plus it can be difficult to read in small sizes.


COURIER font for resume

Font that resembles the look of a typewriter – fun – if you were born in the 60’s. Not exactly the most modern font plus it’s spacing makes the text look slightly unnatural.



ARIAL font for resume

Basically the sans-serif version of Times New Roman, so this puts Arial in the common and boring category.


COMIC SANS font for resume

Now this one had to be in the list for the worst fonts to be used on your resume – for obvious reasons. You want to look professional and using this childish and casual font will achieve the opposite.

The Best Fonts For Resume


LATO font for resume

Described as a “serious but friendly” font by the designer, it includes a variety of styles and weights making it the perfect font to use on your resume.


HELVETICA font for resume

A popular font of choice with its clean lines and modern look, it’s often called the “king of fonts” and is the preferred choice of typographers and designers. Great choice to use on your resume due to its contemporary look and professional feel.


CAMBRIA font for resume

With its sturdy letter composition, Cambria is a good font choice to use on your resume and has been designed to reflect well on computer monitors.


GILL SANS font for resume

A simple typeface and widely used in UK, it gives a classic yet modern look making it a good choice to use on your resume.


GARAMOND font for resume

An alternative to Times New Roman, Garmond is one of the best fonts to consider when you are typing up your resume because it gives it a polished yet modern look and makes it look more interesting.

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