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Want To Polish Your Design Feedback Skills?

Want To Polish Your Design Feedback Skills

Ever gave your designer specific instructions only to see that the end result is so NOT what you were looking for? Well, believe it or not, you could be the reason behind that

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Instagram: How It Can Help Your Business Grow In 2017

Instagram help business growth

The ‘Instagram’ fever has been caught on by the masses, which has led to it becoming a giant in the world of social media attracting over 300 million active users.

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Web Design

Designing a Responsive Web Layout: Things To Keep In Check

Designing a Responsive Web Layout

Since most of the users browse websites on their smartphones or tablets these days, it is important for a website to be responsive, so that it works perfectly across all devices.

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Print Design

Resume: The Best And Worst Fonts To Use

Best and Worst Font For Resume

So you have this interview lined up and you just need to make sure that you make a good impression on your interviewer. After all, “first impressions are always the last impression”.

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Tips To Create Stunning Multi-Page Layouts

Multi page layout example

Multi-page layouts when it comes to magazines, pamphlets and books can be quite frustrating at times for a designer due to the fact that each page must strike the perfect balance with the new ideas implemented on each page.

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Social Media

Tips to Increase Your Social Media Traffic Through Visual Content

Social Media traffic increase

Social media has taken over and with that the way information is exchanged has changed as well. Gone are the days of plain old boring texts – now it’s all about the visuals and creativity to grab attention and create engagement.

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Artists Gives a Fun Twist To Words

Artists Gives a Fun Twist To Words

Remember when we were little and how we would play different words games and would be amused for hours at an end? Well, artist Ji Lee in his e-book “Words as Image” experiments with the arrangement of the letters in words in the most amazing way, giving them an interesting twist and providing us with a unique and fun perspective.

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