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Instagram Update: Users Can Now Shop From Video Posts | Brandedlogodesigns
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Instagram Update: Users Can Now Shop From Video Posts


Instagram has reportedly broadcasted three new updates regarding their products that are related to shopping. Shortly, the users will get access to shop for videos and save products to a shopping assortment in a lot of their saved posts. Instagram intends to make the whole process of shopping of business profiles extremely feasible. With the announcement of these aspects, Instagram is on edge to deliver its users with the greatest practices while shopping through the platform of Instagram.

Instagram has reportedly quoted in a press release:

“The idea is that when someone comes across an item, they regard as a must-have, they can save it to their Shopping collection thus reviewing it later. For people who like to treat themselves for shopping or like to shop for their loved ones, these updates serve as a source for unlocking new ways to explore and connect with the products and brands that move them.”

The new shopping collection features can be safely compared to an arena of an online store and all the posts you go through and save, are organized in rows so you can feasibly look for the products you are searching for. The bookmark tool comes in handy for that.

Only the saves that are related to the business pages will be marked as shopping posts on your history of Instagram. In light of recent events, Instagram permitted business owners for their products to be tagged in their stories through their business profiles. However, after the latest update, as discussed above, one will be able to employ the same for their video postings too. So, now users will be able to go through any item they need to explore more about or buy it on their feed as well as stories.

Instagram has also put in much effort for the redesigning of the business profiles so they will be able to combine all their shoppable post under a newly updated button for a shop in an ordered manner. This means that users will be able to navigate their way through these business profiles just like they do at a site for e-Commerce.

Tagging within these promotional videos, then becomes an obvious thing. This revolutionary step would be the one that can attract increased engagement as the tagged users relaunch the app ensuring their notifications.

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