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Digital Artists Are Going To Love This Corel Painter 2017 Update

Digital Artists Are Going To Love This Corel Painter 2017 Update

Corel Painter 2017

The new Corel paint 2017 has come out and the features that it offers to its users have us very excited. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at what Corel 2017 offers:

Get ready for this one – Corel has released an update for the one of the best painting software, the Painter 2017. Now this update has us pretty excited because its packed with the newest features and enhancements and also comes with Texture painting, Glazing brushes, stencils and improvements to the GUI – making it a must-have for all the artists around. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what Painter 2017 has in store for the users:

Glazing Brushes

For those who are coming from painting backgrounds are going to love this addition because the glaze brushes here it is replicated perfectly. So what it does is that, usually applied over the top of a monochrome or grisaille underpainting, you are able to build up layers of semi-transparent paint in order to add depth and luminosity to specific parts of your painting.

Texture Painting

Now this feature is pretty cool mostly because it allows us to paint over the areas of the painting where we want to add texture as compared to adding it on a separate layer above the painting and then masking out areas which you don’t want. Also, it comes packed with a lot of presets but you have the option to add your own as well.

Interactive Gradient Tool and Express Paint

The gradient tool has been modified as well because now you are able to edit layers, shapes and masks using the start and end nodes with its ability to move around, change colors and even add more nodes. It also has a setting for Express Paint which allows you to quickly fill a blank canvas or a large area with base gradient or even textured gradient.

Enhanced Dab Stencils

The enhancement done to Dab Stencil brushes gives the user the ability to control the brushstrokes according to the paper, flow-map or even the texture source.

Palette Drawers

Since the Painter offers so many tools, brushes and textures the interface can get cluttered and that hampers the overall user experience. With its upgrade, Corel has come up with Palette Drawers which helps in combining palettes and panels into collapsible groups resulting in a much more organized and better user experience.

Artist Layouts

Corel Painter 2017 offers several interface layouts to the users so that they are able to achieve the best workflow irrespective of your field.

Apart from all that, Corel Painter has worked on a number of features such as the zoom, brush selector, eyedropper and much more making this upgrade one of the best so far and we are positive that it will definitely help improving the quality of work for all the artists who use this.

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