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Companies Dealing With Big Bucks And Their Logos
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Companies Dealing With Big Bucks And Their Logos

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When it comes to companies dealing in finance, their logos usually tend to be on the typical side – serious and conservative. However, you would be surprised to know that there are some companies out there that have steered clear of the typical and experimented with different styles.

Having said that, check out some of the different ways you can represent your organization’s values and checkout how other such companies have used these to create their own identity in this field.

  • Typographic Logos

Obviously, one of the most common types of logos that are widely used by the company’s in the finance sector. They tend to opt for these ‘type’ logos because not only tells the client that you are reliable but since your logo is your name, it firmly establishes your company in their minds.

RIO smith&co llyods

  • Geometrical Logos

You have probably seen some companies in the banking and finance industry play around with logos that are actually geometric shapes. The reason being that such logos tend to appeal to the millennial audience mostly because these type of logos represent a company who is tech-friendly and modern. Therefore, choosing such a logo for your company is a good way to communicate your pioneering spirit to your customers.


pirhana tradework divesus

  • Animal Imagery Logos

One of the more popular type of logos used by organizations in this industry, animal emblems are used to convey courage and strength which is the main reason behind their popularity. However, it’s important that when using such a logo, you play around with different bold and contrasting colors along with geometric shapes to make them stand out.

bluecrane marchhare searbull

  • Visual Representation

Amongst these logo styles is the literal representation of your company name into your logo design. This type of logo can really strengthen the message of your company and helps it to stand out from amongst the rest.


alpha wavertmtindyfinance

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