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Best Of 2016 Cinema Through Illustrations

Cinema Through Illustrations

Illustrations are a great way to visually represent the way we interpret certain things and the posters which we will share with you today have been commissioned by a London based creative agency called “Human After All”. They commissioned several artists to create beautiful illustrations of film posters which will be available to purchase.

Let’s take a look at some of them below:
An artwork created for the film ‘Spotlight’ by James Lewis
James Lewis Artwork

Artwork created by Matt Murphy for the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Matt Murphy Artwork

Created by Joe Wilson for the film ‘The Revenant’

Joe Wilson Artwork

Artwork created for the film ‘The Nice Guys’ by Nimura Daisuke

Nimura Daisuke Artwork

Artwork created for the film ‘I, Daniel Blake’ by Daira Golab

Daira Golab Artwork

Artwork created for the film ‘Hunt For The Wilder People’ by Joe Boyd

Joe Boyd Artwork

Artwork for the film ‘Joy’ created by Eve Lloyd Knight

Eve Lloyd Knight Artwork

Artwork created for the film ‘Fences’ by Kate Copeland

Kate Copeland Artwork

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