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Artists Gives a Fun Twist To Words

Artists Gives a Fun Twist To Words

Artists Gives a Fun Twist To Words

Remember when we were little and how we would play different words games and would be amused for hours at an end? Well, artist Ji Lee in his e-book “Words as Image” experiments with the arrangement of the letters in words in the most amazing way, giving them an interesting twist and providing us with a unique and fun perspective.

“When we were children, letters were like fun toys. We played with them through our building blocks. We colored them in books. We danced and sang along with TV puppets while learning C was for “cookie.” Soon, letters turned into words. Words turned into sentences. Sentences turned into thoughts. And along the way, we stopped playing with them and stopped marveling at A through Z,” says the author.

“Anyone can create a word as image. It doesn’t require any design or drawing skills. All you need is a little creative thinking and to see words and letters in a different way. The dictionary is filled with thousands of fun visual puzzles just waiting to be solved. ”

The e-book contains more than 100 such word creations and today, we are going to share them with you!

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