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An Animated Logo Is The Way To Go
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An Animated Logo Is The Way To Go

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Do you feel that it’s now time to jazz up your company’s logo but don’t know what to do with it? Let us give you a suggestion – an animated logo is the way to go! Confused or thinking that we are confused? Let us tell you that that is certainly not the case and that really and truly, companies are playing around with animated logos because, well for a number of reasons which of course, we will share with you.

Oh you want that attention

Moving animation always captures attention of people over a plain text or a static picture. Think about it, what is the first thing you notice at any website? Anything which is animated/moving right – well that is also the case for a logo. These days, trends have changed for designs and GIFS are being widely used on websites. Logo designers have realized that an animation is an instant attention grabber and hence are implementing that into their logo designing.

It’s all in the story

An animated logo is a short story which tells the customers about that brand and what its all about. Infact it is found that a lot of people consider a short animation over a still image.

Greater awareness about the brand

In the end, it’s all about creating awareness and an animated logo can help you achieve that. It is pretty obvious that an animated object is remembered longer than a simple photo. A video/movie remembered more than it’s poster – get the picture? What an animated logo will do is that it will help to stay in the minds of people longer than a regular, static logo would do and that is the ultimate goal.

With people preferring to watch video content more over the years make the choice to switch over to an animated logo seems pretty obvious, don’t you think?


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