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8 Hot Logo Design Trends 2017
Logo Design

8 Hot Logo Design Trends 2017

2017 logo design trends

2017 is not far, and we are gazing into the feature to predict the most trending logo designs. From broken letters to the uniquely developed animation. Here are some trends predicted to be seen in 2017.

1-    Broken letters

After spray paint, stencils, we can expect designers to use broken letterforms far beyond their utilitarian nature.
Let’s take an example of Scala logo, Scala is a fund advisory business which advertises their ability to elevate businesses. The designers came up with the idea of elevation by breaking the font in Scala and introducing a rising diagonal line. Likewise, Pentagram breaks the letter “O” in an open view to visually communicate openness.

broken letter logo

2-    Form simplification

After re-branding of the logos, simplification is showing up in the new logos. For example, The Athens Recorder or Labor’s neatly designed logo and packaging.

form simplificatoin logo

3-    Cropping

Thanks to the well-known graphic designer, Paul Rand, who taught us how to visually show the world as little as possible, while still communicating a message. Cropping is the best way to embrace the idea of subtraction and it’s coming back a big way. Casa Rex, a design agency used cropping  to create a signature look for lifestyle and culture brand Risca Faca.

cropping logo nasa

4-    Color palette simplification

Simple color palettes actually create the sense of more color. The reduction method of designing adds more space for color and shine.
For example, Chase created a recognizable blue expanse in their logo for Binkbox.

color palette simplification logo

5-    Photographic texture

The use of abstract photographic textures in logo and branding will going to be seen everywhere. This quick and easy way to add value to t brand, if doing it well.

photographic texture logo

6-    Geometry

Geometry has always been a trending option since it was discovered, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about ways designers are pushing the envelope today.

geometry logo

7-    Hand drawn

There is nothing but human hands that translates the exact visuals your brain thinks. But it’s more a challenging and requires a scanner, USB tablets, vector tracing and more. Hand drawn designs feel fresh, comforting, human and grounded and they are worth the effort.


hand drawn logo

8-    Pattern and repetition

Human being gravitate towards familiarity and one simple way to evoke this feeling is through pattern and repetitions.
Franklyn elaborate on the symbol for Capsule to create a capsule pattern. Made by Alphabet introduces a simple blue geometric pattern into the branding for Dressing the screen.

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