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15 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

15 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

If you have seen artists and other creative heads at work, right away you will notice that they stand out from the rest due to their different way of doing things and are often characterized to be “quirky”.

However, that is far from true! People who are creative tend to think differently and have their own different way of doing things, which are not usually what you would consider the “norm” but makes them do work that become a masterpiece in their own right.

And though everyone is different and express their creativity differently, you will find some of these things pretty common with creative people.

1.    Creatives tend to daydream a lot – you will find that they are usually lost in their own little world somewhere but that is actually a part of their creative incubation which helps them to come up with different and unique ideas.

2.    They tend to be risk takers and don’t like to limit themselves – for them, experimenting and trying new things acts as a fuel for them.

3.    Artists and creatives are curious creatures and tend to ask a lot of questions. It is their curious nature and need to have an answer and reasoning behind something leads them to be more inquisitive.

4.    They dislike routine and situations that are too predictable. They like to shake things up and experiment, staying away from the monotonous so that it doesn’t hinder their growth and they come up with fresh ideas.

5.    You will find that creative people dislike dwelling on problems for they tend to have a brighter outlook to life. For them, it’s important that spirits are high and try to overcome their problems in a healthy way and tend to channel their energy in a more positive manner.

6.    These people tend to team players and believe in working together in groups and teams in order to bounce ideas off each other.

7.    Creative people are much better at connecting the dots than others which actually helps them to solve any problems and come up with “out of the box” solutions to problems.

8.    Creativity emerges from our surroundings which is why you will find that creative people tend to be more observant than the rest. They tend to be more aware of their surroundings and tend to draw inspiration from that which is seen reflected in their ideas and the work that they do.

9.    They tend to be more humble and believe that they still have a lot to learn.

10.    As mentioned above, they are observant not just of their surroundings but they also tend to people watch.

11.    Creative people often find that they lose track of time when they get in the zone. Once they start a project, they get so engrossed in it that they tend to work for hours at a stretch so that it doesn’t affect their work flow.

12.    Since they work whenever inspiration strikes them, you will notice that creative people tend to create their own work schedule and do not stick to the 9-5 timings that are a standard of other jobs. You will find these people waking up in the middle of the night and work until morning before hitting the bed for much needed sleep or coming into work at a time that they feel works best for them.

13.    They tend to be more critical of their work compared to others and are constantly trying to improve.

14.    They are always searching for something new from which they can take inspiration from and that will enhance their creativity.

15.    Creative people are actually perfectionists and don’t stop until they feel that the end result is perfect and it’s in sync with what they had wanted.

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