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Polish Your Design Feedback Skills

Want To Polish Your Design Feedback Skills?

Want To Polish Your Design Feedback Skills

Ever gave your designer specific instructions only to see that the end result is so NOT what you were looking for? Well, believe it or not, you could be the reason behind that

or rather the feedback (or lack of it) that you gave your designer that led to the disappointing result. But, no worries because we’ve got you covered on that front – read on to know what you might be doing wrong and what you can do to effectively communicate your vision and get the desired results.

Being unfamiliar with the terminology

Have you ever thought that the reason behind your direction fail could be the result of you being unfamiliar with proper terminology? It’s true – often times, your lack of knowledge regarding the correct term for a specific action could really hamper your direction because you might mean one thing but your choice of words could suggest otherwise. Example? Don’t ask the designer to adjust the kerning when you really mean tracking nor ask for center-aligned text when you really want it to be left-aligned.

Confusing Directions

Be clear about what you want and convey it in a clear manner to them. Often times, when we are unsure about the direction we want to take the project in, we tend to confuse not only ourselves but give directions that are confusing for the other person as well. So be crystal-clear about exactly what you want and don’t use complicated or flowery words that could confuse the designer.

Give Examples

Let’s face it – your designer is not psychic and therefore, has no way of knowing what you want and how you want it to be. Yes, the brief that you have provided helps, but it is also a good idea to cite a few references of designs that you want your designer to take inspiration from.

Ask Questions

Yes, you can ask questions – because technically that’s what feedback is – an open discussion to iron out any issues and clear away any confusion. Therefore, go ahead and communicate with your designer as much as you can regarding any issues or questions that concerns you.

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