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Tips To Create Stunning Multi-Page Layouts

Tips To Create Stunning Multi-Page Layouts

Multi page layout example

Multi-page layouts when it comes to magazines, pamphlets and books can be quite frustrating at times for a designer due to the fact that each page must strike the perfect balance with the new ideas implemented on each page.


But keep our tips in mind when starting your new project and you will be good to go! Read on below to find out how you can design amazing multi-page layouts that are both balanced and striking.


Thought the temptation to jump right into the project might be strong, but don’t give in – fight it! Instead, steer that towards conducting research and you will good to go. Before you can begin any project, it’s important that you have an idea of what you want – taking inspiration from different books, magazines, pamphlets, etc. Mark down what you like and what you don’t like – which sections might work for you and which ones might not. Plan, scribble, draw or color – doing that will give you a starting point for your project.


A good rule of thumb in designing is to keep some sort of consistency throughout the layout. Now this can be in the form of design, font combinations, size of text (title and body) or even the font color – creating some sort of similarity throughout, will keep your books readable and easy to navigate.


In order to create a sense of consistency, alignment is necessary. And for that, the use of grids is an excellent way to ensure that everything is properly aligned to strike that balance. There are different grids that you can play around with in your layout design and choose the one that best fits.


So you have done your research, have an idea of what you want and have a nice grid all set-up, the other thing that you need to do is select the font combinations. Not every font will work together and look good – therefore, it’s essential that you find a combination that will work for your layout. And though this may seem like a tedious task going through every single font and pairing them up, it actually isn’t because there are websites that can actually help you out with that, saving you time and making things a lot easier.


A balanced layout is what makes it looks pleasing to the eye. Therefore, finding the right balance between text and images is essential to ensure an awesome layout. And though we have all had those moments when we want to fill up every little space, you don’t want to do that. “Breathing room”, also known as “whitespace” in a design allows our eyes to focus and rest on the area that is important.


Though it may look good on the screen, you can’t be sure how the final design would look on paper. Therefore, if you are designing for print, just print it out and see how the overall design looks on actual paper and whether everything looks as aligned and balanced as it does on your screen.

Remember that each layout is different and depending on the medium you are designing for whether it’s print or digital, making sure that your layout compliments the brief that was given to you.

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