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Things to remember while designing a logo
Logo Design

Things to remember while designing a logo

things to know about designing logo

Although it’s just a tiny image, logo conveys lot of meaning and creating one demands careful attention to details. Logo is the most instantly recognizable part of an organization and by virtue of living in a digital age, it has to be quickly identifiable as customers have so many options to switch to. So, for those who have recently jumped in the designing field, here is an insight as to how should they go about any logo designing project:

Understanding business philosophy

After taking up any project, spend lot of time on understanding the business and its main philosophy. Send the questionnaire to the client which contains all the relevant information you need to initiate a logo design process. Get back to the client and ask clearly regarding any point which has to clarified further about which you are confused. Keep one thing always in mind that any logo should be reflective of the business model.

Thorough research

Then research about the competitors and their logos, the industry and prevalent trends. It’s an important aspect because this way you could make sure that your client’s logo completely differs from that of rivals and could set new norms in terms of creativity.

Make a rough sketch

Now start working on your first sketch. Bring your creative instincts into play. Let your brain go wild and think about designs on the basis of research that was done earlier. Sketch your ideas on PC. Do take a break so that you remain focused throughout. Keep in mind that there is no good or bad idea, it’s about how you execute it.

Do not add any color from the start, think about the suitable one later after you are finished with the designing process. Keep the design as simple as it could be but simplicity should not be a hindrance to creativity. It should not be puzzling for consumers to guess the brand any logo belongs to.

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