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Things to Know About Designing a Logo
Logo Design

Things to Know About Designing a Logo

things to know logo design

Nowadays there is no shortage of logo designing services being provided either by professionals working as a freelancer or by established entities. Any logo should give an instant review of kind of product and services company has been offering to the ordinary people and image that company want their customers to keep in mind. So, designer should be well aware of the ideological basis on which any product or service relies on. Before start designing, it’s advisable to go through the logos within the same industry or of other company having the same size and market presence.

Logo should be instantly recognizable without having to ponder anything and for it to happen it should be as simple as it could be. Simplicity doesn’t imply the minimization of creativity rather it should define everything without being too graphic. Another aspect that immediately follows simplicity is the extent of ease that customer faces in remembering it. It should be lasting as well and regardless of the technological or other advancements, it should remain relevant as any company wouldn’t want to change it frequently because this would require a total policy shift. It should be suited for varied mediums and should effectively reflect the positioning of a company in the market.

Asking client to fill out the questionnaire constituting relevant brand details would be appropriate to get a brief about logo design. Although not mandatory but is certainly helpful to conduct a survey regarding the industry, number of rivals and factors that differentiates your client. Researching trendy logo styles that are relevant within the industry is a must as that would keep you from opting an obsolete design. After collecting all the required information, roughly make a sketch incorporating all the details in the questionnaire and survey. Mandatory time out should be part of the designing process as this would keep you energetic and keeps your brain focused. Allow client to see all the logo samples made in the designing process and brief him regarding the thought process that goes behind designing any particular logo style.


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