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Selecting The Right Logo For Your Business
Logo Design

Selecting The Right Logo For Your Business

Right Logo For Your Business

Your logo is probably one of the first things that is noticed about your company and rightly so. A logo is a company’s visual identity and helps a customer to not only remember your brand but it also creates an impression on them about its personality. Keeping that in mind, selecting a logo type is just as important as creating a logo design, probable more, because it lays the foundation of your design process before you even begin.

Having said that, let’s take a look at different logo types and see which type of logo is a perfect choice for a small business that is just starting up.

Typographic Logos are different from the other logos mainly because it relies completely on the font used in the logo. Also commonly known as logotypes, the typographic logos rely heavily on creating a unique font taking the name of the company. A perfect example of that would be the Disney logo or even the Coca Cola logo.

Ideal for small businesses, this type of logo keeps the name of the company firmly etched into the minds of the customers but also allows space to play with different design elements.

Iconic Logo or Symbolic Logos are the ones that feature an icon or a symbol which represent your business. These logos are usually literal or abstract representation of your company and a prime example of such type would be the Swish Nike logo.

However, this type of logo is not recommended for a small company or one that is just starting up because it does not include the company name or give an idea about their products. Apart from that, these logos cost a great deal of money and time to ensure that they are instantly recognized by a large number of people.

Combination Logos are probably the most widely used logos all around the world. It’s appeal lies in the fact that it is a combination of the typeface logo as well as iconic logos and hence include both the name of the company and a symbol it wants to be recognized by. A classic example of such a logo would be the McDonald’s logo.

This logo is the most ideal one for small businesses because it states the name of the company as well as a symbol which further helps a customer to remember it.

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