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Logo Design

4 Tips That Will Rock Your New Logo Design

4 awesome logo tips

We always say that a brand’s logo is its visual identity and a good or bad logo can either make or break the image the company is hoping to create for itself.  Creating a logo is not as easy as you might think. It requires a lot of thought, research and plenty of designing know-how, but it’s not as hard as might think either; especially with the tips that we will be doling out her just for you.

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Logo Design

Why You Should Consider Giving Your Logo A Makeover

logo makeover pepsi

It cannot be stressed enough on how important and deeply rooted a company’s logo is to its visual identity. However, one thing that often gets neglected over the years is the need to refresh or re-brand your company logo. Now you may be thinking that why is that necessary and its just an added expense to you list of long expenses… but know that it is.

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