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June 2017: Websites That Designers Need To Check Out
Web Design

June 2017: Websites That Designers Need To Check Out

Websites That Designers Need To Check Out

These days, web designers are coming up with some spectacular websites that really attract the user. Whether it’s their use of fonts, the color scheme or the different animations on the site – they just manage to create a site that provides a wonderful experience to users. So it comes as no surprise that we would want to share with our readers, some of the best websites that provides a ton of inspiration for designers and creatives. So in no particular order, check out some of the top picks of this month.

  1. Climber http://www.climber.io/
    Climber, which is a website designed for an interactive production company based in Pacific Northwest, manages to make our list this month and for good reason! We love how the website stands apart from the usual due to the cool animations of this site. And okay, previously we have said that too much of anything, even animation, can be distracting but here, it’s different because of the clever way the designer has played with them to suit the company and what it
  2. Nick Jones Portfolio – https://www.narrowdesign.com/
    Nick Jones PortFolio
    Since we are talking about animated sites, how could we forget to include a portfolio website that Nick Jones has designed. The website has been designed to show the skills of the designer and the type of work that he enjoys doing. The site manages to stand apart from the other sites mostly due to the different elements of the site, as well as the way the designer has modified parallax scrolling.
  3. Melanie Daveid – http://melaniedaveid.com/
    Melaine Davied
    Designers who like playing around with different layouts are sure to find this website designed by UX Designer and Art Director, Melanie an inspiration. The website has a really different look and feel to it and with the bold color scheme that has been used for this site, manages to stand out from the rest.
  4. Google Earth – https://www.google.com/earth
    Google Earth
    Everyone knows and has heard about Google Earth and the amazing experience that it provides to its users. However, this new (and improved) Google Earth has really managed to grab eyeballs of the web designers who love the overall look of the site. It is definitely one that manages to catch the attention of the user with its breathtaking simplicity and use of image.
  5. Thatsh.It – http://simplify.thatsh.it
    Simplify Thatsh it
    A website that is very different from others in terms of concept, it allows you to play around with modern random art and simplify them to their core elements. This is a site that really manages to stand out with its unique concept and proves to be an inspiration for designers and creatives in the market.
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