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Checklist: Designing a Responsive Web Layout
Web Design

Designing a Responsive Web Layout: Things To Keep In Check

Designing a Responsive Web Layout

Since most of the users browse websites on their smartphones or tablets these days, it is important for a website to be responsive, so that it works perfectly across all devices.


Therefore, when it comes to designing a responsive website, keep the following tips in mind to ensure a smooth user experience

  1. When it comes to the display of websites vs smartphones and tablets, the number of columns that you use to design a website needs to be kept in check so that it works perfectly across all devices. Usually on a website, the number of columns in a design can be around four while the number of columns for tablets can be scaled to two and one column for smartphones.
  2. When it comes to designing for different screen sizes, it is important that you prioritize the content and present it in a way that it not only fits perfectly on the screen but that it also looks good.
  3. Despite which platform you are designing for, make sure that you keep the placement of the same.
  4. The layout matters a lot when it comes to designing – a landscape layout works best when it comes to designing for a website that would be viewed across laptops and wide screens while a portrait layout works best for viewing a site on smartphones and tablets.
  5. The word count, rather the character count is essential to keep in mind when it comes to designing a responsive website. Therefore, when designing for smartphones or tablet, keep in mind the font size of the body copy along with the heading and adjust it as necessary.
  6. Keep the number of visuals used in check when you are designing for smartphones or tablet. Remember, not only does it take a lot more data for the visuals to load but it also uses up a lot of screen space.

Whether a website, smartphone or tablet you are designing for, you need to make sure that the overall design not only displays perfectly across all devices but that it also looks attractive.

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