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Dell’s Latest Upgrade Is a Dream Come True for Designers and Artists

Dell’s Latest Upgrade Is a Dream Come True for Designers and Artists

Dell Precision 5510

So after the Dell Precision 5510, that was ranked as a favorite amongst the artists and designers, comes an upgrade to this spectacular piece of machine. The new Dell Precision 5520 is a slightly updated and advanced laptop but definitely beats Apple’s MacBook Pro. The specs and the sleep overall look of the laptop has us wanting to get our hands on it as soon as possible! Wondering what’s so special about this one? Just check out some of the features that Dell has offered to the users with this one.

First things first, it comes upgraded with Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake processors and architecture which provides a much faster RAM running at 2400MHz, the overall design of the laptop remains relatively the same as its predecessor Precision 5510, and though is as not as stylish as the new MacBook Pro, the Precision 5520 is sleek and black.

Comes with a new touchpad and a whopping 15.6 inch screen that is full ‘QHD’ (3840 x 2160), it outputs the full Adobe RGB color gamut. And unlike the MacBook which comes with a Touch Bar strip above the keyboard; the 5520 is fully touch screen. Not only that, you get the option of seven new-gen chip for the 5520 – two Core i5 chips up to 2.8GHz, three Core i7 chips up to 2.9GHz and two Xeon E3 up to 3GHz.


That’s not all – it’s packed with two storage slots. One slot fits a HDD or SSD up to 1 TB while the second slot fits a fast-but-pricey M.2 PCI NVMe drive up to 1TB. Not only that, it comes with a Thunderbolt 3 port, two USB 3.0, an SD Card reader and HDMI.

We are sure that for all the designers and artists out there, it will be a tough choice between the Apple’s MacBook Pro and the Dell Precision 5520 though we have to say that the 5520 comes power-packed and loaded with features and will be priced at around $1,399, which we think is a steal for this one!

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