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Covert message in the brand’s logo
Logo Design

Covert message in the brand’s logo

hidden message logo

A logo is company’s visual identity as long as it remains in the business. With time as our cultural values evolve, the underline meaning gets eroded and people find it difficult to interpret it. Some companies give the logo an intentional twist so that it doesn’t remain easy to guess in any way. Some do it to pay homage to their past and to remember exactly how they managed to get into any particular business. It could also be to rejuvenate our conscience or make it more interesting. Following are some logos with some sort of hidden message.


Amazon’s logo is as simple as it could be with just an arrow. The arrow is not just a random sign rather indicates that they sell all the items from a to z. It also symbolizes carefree smile on the customers face when they buy a product from amazon.

amzon logo hidden message


If you look closely at Gillette logo, edges of the letter ‘G’ and ‘I’ have intentionally been made to represent razor sharp thickness. It depicts the fact that it’s a shaving brand.

Gillet logo hidden message


It’s an appealing logo for a broadcaster as white portion in the logo forms a peacock reflecting that the channel makes sure that their voice is being heard loud and clear.

NBC logo hidden message


Logo seems like a simple text but don’t be mistaken. Focus on alphabet E and x and you will see an arrow highlighting the pace and accuracy with which it operates.

FedEx logo hidden message


The German giant car company used to manufacture engines for planes in 1917. But after world war 1, they were forced to give up their business but in order to preserve their identity, they made the logo in a way that reflects their history. White portion symbolizes a propeller of a plane and blue part highlights the sky.

BMW logo hidden message

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