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Graphic Design: 8 Practices That Will Be in Vogue Next Year


Here are some of the graphic design trends that are expected to dominate in 2019.

Pops of Intense Colors

Hues of electric yellows, vivid corals and bright blues are taking the place of the reserved colors of the past. More designers and brands are adding intense colors to their palettes for the coming year and beyond.

It is believed that this transformation towards extra intense colors is a continuation of the refusal of tasteless minimalism from earlier in this century. Also, as brands proceed to fight for the consumer’s attention, they must opt for greater risks regarding designs.

Strong Typographic Focal Points

When you use this bold font, it makes it easier to read the text on social media posts and mobile gadgets. Apart from that, it projects individuality, innovation, and strength.

Futuristic Influences Are Typical

We are technically living in the future-the kind that a lot of 80’s movies predicted-it is time for our designs to be portraying that. This translated to a lot of futuristic colors, patterns, and thoughts are about to lead the design world for the coming years.

Dark and Light Color Schemes

When you use dual color patterns, it transforms your poster into a lot more flexible piece of art. It does not matter if you hang it up on a dark or a light wall, the white colored poster is perfect for all sorts of backgrounds.

Complex Duotones and Gradients

Gradients are some of the favorite things to be complemented to any design project to provide it with considerable depth. Additionally, like a lot of the other expanding graphic design trends, they take an amazing form on mobile gadgets.

Colorful Minimalism

Minimalism is essentially referred to paring down design to only the compulsory gears. It is seen as the rejection of cluttered and complicated ideas.
Complicated and Dynamic Hand-Drawn Artworks

Hand-drawn or custom illustrations are an exceptional way to let your visual content stand apart from the rest, standing above all the other competitors that like to settle for things less than the best. That is because no other brand would be able to imitate these visuals completely. Opponents can imitate your social media strategy, your color scheme and the stock photos in use.

Genuine and Authentic Stock Photos

This is referred to the photos that honestly look like they were taken by a bunch of friends hanging out, not by a professional. Each of these free stock photos has the color scheme that makes the colors look real and not like they were overly edited.

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June 2017: Websites That Designers Need To Check Out

Websites That Designers Need To Check Out

These days, web designers are coming up with some spectacular websites that really attract the user. Whether it’s their use of fonts, the color scheme or the different animations on the site – they just manage to create a site that provides a wonderful experience to users. So it comes as no surprise that we would want to share with our readers, some of the best websites that provides a ton of inspiration for designers and creatives. So in no particular order, check out some of the top picks of this month.

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Designing a Responsive Web Layout: Things To Keep In Check

Designing a Responsive Web Layout

Since most of the users browse websites on their smartphones or tablets these days, it is important for a website to be responsive, so that it works perfectly across all devices.

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Tips To Improve The Ux For Your Website

Improve Ux For Your Website

For web designers today, user experience or rather the UX plays a huge part in designing a website. A website that provides great user experience can greatly influence the success of your website or even the app for your company and can help in converting a visitor into a customer.

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Web Design

Web Design Trends For 2017

Web design trends 2017

The year 2016 saw a lot of new things in terms of design related to the web and with the whole year ahead of us, let us share with you some of the web design trends that we think will be big this year.

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Web Design

Tools That Every Web Developer Should Know About

tools for web developer

Developing a website can be a challenge due to the demands of the clients which needs to be taken in consideration by a web developer. With the field of web development becoming more and more challenging, developers are striving hard to fulfill the demands of the target audience by creating a website that is both informative and user friendly. With the increase use of social media and other online platforms, organizations have developed websites that instantly catches the attention of their current and potential target customer’s attention.

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Understanding Typographic Hierarchy and Its Use In Design

typography hierarchy

Whenever you look at a design, one of the most important elements that you notice is the type. The reason why typography is so important in any design is because helps in directing users through a design and the type that you use should be clear and readable.

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