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Best startup Logo designs
Logo Design

Best startup Logo designs

best start up logo design

For startups, logo could be a decisive factor as to the extent to which they will be successful in making their brand recognizable instantly. It’s the first thing that you will be attracted to whenever you visit any website or go shopping to any retail store.

After commencing your business, you need a logo that promptly depicts your image in the mind of customers. While searching for your new download from play store, logos help prospective users of the app understand the underline purpose it serves. New startups are generally up against established entities so they really have to perform out of their skin in order to remain in the market. Following are some of the outstanding logo designs just to give you an idea as to the designing approach of some of the famous brands:

1)    Zipline

Drones have mostly been in the news for all the bad reasons recently sometimes disrupting incoming or outgoing flights at the airport or crashing at a secured area raising all sorts of red flags. But Zipline provider of medicines, blood and other essential healthcare items have been able to overturn the opinion. In their logo ‘Z’ symbolizes paper planes which really have been a hit and well appreciated.

zipline startup logo

2)    Dropbox

Dropbox provides an online storage space thus minimizing the reliance on conventional data backup device, i.e. USB. Its logo plainly explains the nature of their business.

dropbox startup logo

3)    Jelly

Company founded by twitter co-founder for the purpose of replying to any queries and is greatly aligned with social media. Its logo is simple yet stylish and demonstrates an embodied personality.

jelly startup logo

4)    Lumi

Skillfully handwritten logo depicts perfectly their business model. It allows your picture to be printed on a garment after sort of designing it.

lumi startup logo

5)    Snapchat

It’s a prominent social media network. The underline concept of their service is that conversations are deleted after being viewed so they cunningly make use of the ghost in their logo.

snapchat startup logo

6)    42Floors

They help newly formed companies locate and rent office space so line of windows is shown within “4” depicting an office building.
42floors startup logo

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