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5 Psychological Triggers That Will Have The Money Rolling In

5 Psychological Triggers That Will Have The Money Rolling In

5 Psychological Triggers money rolling

Ever wondered how some businesses tend to have products selling like “crazy” while there are others that are selling the same products but don’t get the same response in terms of sales?

The secret to their success lies in the following psychological triggers that they have nailed in their marketing, which boosts their sales and helps them to make a nifty profit in return!

Trigger 1: Curiosity

Injecting a bit of curiosity in anything always works and the same applies to sales. Human beings are curious by nature and thus tend to gravitate towards those things, people or products that tend to arouse their curiosity. This psychological trigger, if used correctly in advertising your product, can actually help to boost up your sales.

Trigger 2: Build Credibility

Have you ever bought a product from a place that seemed a tad bit…shady? Probably not. That is why it’s important that before you go out in hopes of attracting customers and increasing your sales, you need to build your credibility so that people are able to view you and your business as a trusted source.

Trigger 3: Reciprocity

You know how they say that if you do something for someone, than they feel bound to return that favor? Well, that’s actually a psychological trigger that marketing and sales professionals have honed to perfection and use it to increase their sales because they have realized that people feel uncomfortable if they are not giving back or doing the same for the person who is doing so much for them.

Trigger 4: Specific

Over the years, you have probably come across a headline claiming “Earn $10,000 working from home”. And what has been your reaction towards such? Skeptical. This happens because we tend to doubt overly bold claims and it makes us skeptical towards such, therefore, instead of claiming “Earn $10,000 working from home” you could try something along the lines of “Earn $9,985 working from home” – this headline sounds far more believable than the one above because it is more specific – has more detail.

Trigger 5: Fear Of Missing Out

You know why businesses offer deals, coupons, sales, etc? That’s because they have realized that fear in itself is a pretty powerful motivator, making us do things that we would not do otherwise in normal situations. The same is applicable in purchasing products because consumers tend to have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and do not want to lose out on something. If funneled correctly in your sale strategy, you can actually increase your sales by creating offers for customers that are “too good to miss out on”.

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