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4 Tips That Will Rock Your New Logo Design
Logo Design

4 Tips That Will Rock Your New Logo Design

4 awesome logo tips

We always say that a brand’s logo is its visual identity and a good or bad logo can either make or break the image the company is hoping to create for itself.  Creating a logo is not as easy as you might think. It requires a lot of thought, research and plenty of designing know-how, but it’s not as hard as might think either; especially with the tips that we will be doling out her just for you.

So, in no random order, let’s begin!

Tip #1: Keepin’ it simple

Ever heard the saying “there is beauty in simplicity”? Well, it’s true. A simple and clean design will work wonders in your logo designing compared to unnecessary drama in the logo design. A clean and minimalist logo will be far more appealing to a customer than one which is too cluttered.

Tip #2: Where would it be used?

First things first, figure out where the logo will be used. For instance, will it be used on a print medium or Electronic or digital? Knowing where and how the logo will be used is a huge plus point, as it will help you to decide on the layout and look you want for the logo design.

Tip #3: Always be updated

Now that doesn’t mean that you are changing your logo every month or so but even the best logos don’t last forever. A need to change and update your logo arises over time especially when your brand is going through a revamp or there are changes occurring within your company.

Tip #4: Color plays a role too

The psychology of color plays an integral part of any design process and especially so when creating a logo for a brand. Certain colors give off certain vibes – some colors are strong and dominating while others are more cheerful. Incorporating the right color in the design can create wonders and can take a regular logo to one that is an instant eye-catcher.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you to create a logo that will be new and absolutely perfect for your brand.

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